Search Engine Optimization

The 5 Most important things about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order of importance:




    Linkbacks for SEO. How many sites link back to your site? What type of sites link back to your sites. This is by far the most important factor in getting higher results for your site in Google searches.



Titles of pages

    Titles of pages for SEO. Yes, titles are important. Make them meaningful, make then unique.




    Keywords for SEO. “Experts” say to overlook? Google doesn’t, why should you? Use tools to find them, look at the competition.




    Description for SEO. Those 136 characters (including spaces) that appear below your link in Google search results. If you don’t add them google chooses them, why not put something enticing?




.   Content! for SEO. How can that be the 5th most important? Sad but true, just remember that rich content is a sign of a person of substance.


Other SEO Considerations:

SEO Content Considerations

Keywords appear in title and page content
Outbound Links
Keyword Density
Keyword in first paragraph
300 Words on page
Naming files and images and using ALT tages for images
Limiting Flash and Scripts

Some SEO Technical Considerations

Site Map – stemap.xml
Search Engine Friendly URL’s
Robots.txt Files

SEO Must Have Tools

Google Keyword Planner Tool
Search Status – for backlinks, to follow, no follow
Xenu – for titles, filenames
Google Analytics

SEO Links

Google Guide to SEO
Backlink Builder Links Page

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