Personal Cybersecurity Seminar

Learn more about Ben Vivante’s Personal Cybersecurity Seminar, protect yourself from bad actors online.

Personal Cybersecurity Class Topics

  • Email Security
    Protect yourself from all too common email phishing attempts, what emails to open and what to delete. Includes practical email security tips.
  • Social Media Account Security
    A review of your Social Media Account settings, with special emphasis on Facebook security settings, what do they mean and how can I change them to make myself and loved ones more secure?
  • Malware/Ransomware
    A discussion of tools used by hackers to exploit your computer, how you can protect against them. Includes remediation for infected machines.
  • Anti-Virus Software Review and Backup Strategies
    Keeping your environment up to date and backed up. Includes detailed backup strategies to ensure the safety of your data, with Cloud Backup discussion.
  • Wireless Security
    Securing Wireless networks at home, and being aware of the risks of wireless networks you may use when traveling. Includes Mobile Devices.
  • Personal Cyber Security Best Practices
    A host of tips to help you navigate the cyber world safely.
About Ben Vivante
Ben Vivante is a Cyber Security professional living in the Greater Boston area specializing in smart security solutions for Home, Business and Travel. Ben is the Chief Security Officer (CSO), an active member of MS-ISAC – Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, an experienced Corporate Trainer in Security, and conducts Pen tests and PCI compliance studies. Contact Ben Vivante: E-mail Phone 617-249-4197